Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Park City

Our annual trip to Park City was unbelievable. We had blue skies, sunshine and plenty of fun. The snow was great and the cold temps kept it nice and soft. All 3 of the kiddies love to ski and are getting good in a hurry.

Here is the crew. A little taller than last year and much braver. In fact one member of this group nearly had their lift ticket revoked for taking out a 7x5 foot SLOW sign. Snapped the posts right in half. When questioned the perpetrator (approximately 4 feet tall, wearing a blue coat) gave the false name Julio and acknowledged they were aware of the sign prior to hitting it. He no qualms with the signs message, but disagreed with the placement of the sign. Witnesses/associates agreed the sign was unsafely placed in the middle of the race course. One "Resort Authority" was heard saying "Oh, if I get that boy I goin' to stick him in the house of detention".

This run was Sophie's choice. That is why she is in front of the map.

Eden was all smiles the whole trip, but grew weary of her mothers coaching. When told that she skis like her mom, "smooth and smart" she disagreed based on the fact that her mom talks too much. Her response to this "compliment" was "I don't talk when I ski." Although the trip was much shorter than last years we managed to squeeze in a birthday dinner with Grandpa Val during the five hours we spent in Bountiful. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, Dixie, Larry, and all the girls for the great dinners!!