Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Kitchen

This is where we were 3 years ago.

This is where we went.
This is where we are. Finally!

We had new counter tops installed. We refinished our wood floors with a beautiful dark stain. We also extended the wood floors down the hall way and into a dinning room. We still have a few things to do but we are really excited about how it turned out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best Winter Ever Man...Sort of.

We are having the best Winter ever.
We had an unbelievable Christmas holiday. The kiddies were loaded up with goodies and gifts. Including some new ski duds.

One highlight of the season was #2 getting baptized.
Even the 12 hour drive to and from Grandma's was all smiles.
Like I said it has been the best Winter ever...Sort of...

There was the "Storm of the Century" in January where we received a year's worth of snow in two days. The downside of getting so much snow, is the greater Seattle area only has one snowplow and no one knows where it is stored. The upside is they canceled school for a week! Downside; they also canceled the electricity for 4 days.

This sign stands about 4 feet tall. So does #1. Notice the trees are all drooping, after the Snow we had 2 days of freezing rain. Coating everything with ice.

Despite the power outage, we had a great time. We introduced our kids to board games. I made fire in our gas powered fireplace. Impressively, his feat was done without the use of a even a match. We ate all the beef jerky from the Elk I killed at Costco.
(Note: the natural gas was never out).

We also had one heck of a powerless Birthday party for #3!
MOST of the credit goes to Libby for the party. The decorations were prefect. She melted Chocolate on the BBQ for Chocolate covered pretzels served with hot Coco. It was a Princess Party, thus princess attire was required which made it an Ice Princess Party as the inside temperature of the home hovered around 60 degrees.