Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sophie Jane

Sophie is three and as you can see from Libby's posting we had a great time. She is the best three year old in the world and I am completely objective. You'll notice on the video it sounds as if Frank Sinatra was invited to the party...that was me. Had I known the tape was rolling I would have ad libbed a little more. Let me also offer my apologies for the rest of the groups singing. I think they were trying to harmonize with me and with my vocal range it is just not possible. Don't believe me, I dare you to try. - posted by Matt


  1. Happy Birthday Sophie! We are excited to celebrate it up at Park City!

  2. Libby I am SO EXCITED you have joined the blogging world. It seems it is the only way I stay in-touch with people these days. Your family is darling! So how is life? I can't wait to continue to see what you guys are up too!