Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few nights ago there was a catastrophe while playing tag. Sophie fell and broke her arm. When I was two, I broke my arm falling off of a retaining wall. Here are both photos. Sophie was so tough at the Doctors office and she was really exited about her pink cast. The first day she kept saying I don't want to break my arm. The highlight for her has been some bubble tape that Matt got her. It hasn't left her good hand in over a day.

P.S. This is not an April fools Joke!!!


  1. Love Sophie's cute little smile! And love the pink cast!

  2. oh cute little sophie, she is so pretty! I love the pic of you with your white wispy hair! Hopefully she won't have to wear her cast for too long! And at least it is before summer time and all the water. Zach broke his arm in june and it was not fun trying to keep that cast dry!

  3. Poor little sophie, Ask her if there is a hopper living in her cast.