Monday, June 14, 2010

Dance Recital

Eden had her dance recital on Saturday. She looked adorable in the corsage that her Grandma Dixie sent. Grandma Emilee and Grandpa Val graciously sat through an hour and a half of dancing for the three minuets that they got to see Eden dance to "Let it Be." She did an awesome job!! This girl has some major stage presence!

Eden and her friend Kesley at the dress rehearsal. They had a great year of dancing where every Tuesday night after dance the highlight was getting a gum ball. Needless to say we are completely out of quarters.

We also went to the bike rodeo and in "biker" style August gave a real tribute to his mother.

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  1. Eden looks darling! I wish we could have seen it. Tell her to keep practicing, we'll be expecting an encore at Bear Lake