Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween has come and gone like a bat in the night. The kids loaded up on candy and fun under warm, but dry clouds.
Sophie Jane was a witch. A scary witch, but only according to her. If you look closely you'll notice it is barely a costume, but she loved it and we love her. Out of the three, she came home with the most candy and was only out half the time. When you are 3 you get 3 per house, or so she says.

Most people thought August went as a girl. Some thought he was a musician, but he was much more than that, he went as Nigel Tufnel. Nigel is best known as the lead guitarist of Spinal Tap. It was a cold costume, but he was committed to the character and made it through the night. Special thanks to his sister for leading him the pants. Why Nigel? you ask...because most amps only go to 10 and his goes to 11.

Eden could have been anything, but she decided to go as a traditional black cat. This choice was made because she wanted to wear her black boots and the cat ears & tail matched the black boots. Eden took the lead on design and make-up and nailed both. We used black markers for the whiskers, nose and eyeliner. In hind sight it would have been a good idea to use washable markers. (Of course we used washable markers...we are pros after all.)

Trick or Treat


  1. Wish we could have been there to see the kids in action! Looks like they had a lot of fun.

  2. we miss you guys and all the fun that you bring to the family... especially Halloween. Looking at your pumpkins on the porch you are the sure fire winner for the Jacobs carving contest, but only because we didn't have one this year.