Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Girls

I've been leaving the blogging up to Matt lately I just haven't felt like doing it. Here are some photos of the girls being girls. All of this was instigated by Eden who came up with it on her own except for the cutting of the cucumbers.

Eden decided she wanted to have a Valentines Day tea party. Miraculously her mother said yes. It was a lot of fun, and who knew how easy it is to have five seven year olds over. (I'm being serious, girls are so calm.)
Luckily for me Eden is the kind of big sister that always includes Sophie, it's never even a question. Eden made all of the name tags and helped with everything, it was a super fun thing to do together.


  1. Super cute!! Cucumber picture is priceless!! Miss you guys! Too many exclamation marks!!!

  2. Hey libby! Your girls are darling and getting so big. What a great Mom you are, letting your girls have a fun tea party with friends. I agree, girls are soooo much calmer that boys. That is why I only have one boy... it is all I can handle:)

  3. How fun! I remember having tea parties as a little kid. We loved them. I love the cucumber photo too! I wish I would have been there to participate :)