Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We took a trip to the Oregon coast. This is on the Beach in Manzanita, Oregon. It was a little cold the first two days then it warmed up and the weather was perfect. The coastline is so beautiful there, we stayed in a beach house overlooking the ocean. It was amazing. Thank you Val and Emilee!
August enjoyed running around like crazy at the beach. He also perfected his kite flying skills.
Eden, Grandma Emmy, Sophie, and Ove enjoying Indian Beach. Ove had a difficult time eating due to the sandy hands phenomenon.

Sophie and Eden decided to try their hand at surfing. Due to a lack of wetsuits they needed assistance from Pete and Ben so they wouldn't get wet. This was such a great trip! We had great company and yummy seafood. The kids are now serious steamed clam fans. I guess its officially time to say goodbye to summer and embrace fall, and who doesn't love fall?


  1. I love FALL!!!
    Your trip looked amazing... beautiful surroundings, great people, and did you say seafood? Yum! Lib, you are gorgeous! I love your hair dark.

  2. OH you guys are such a cute family! Miss you!