Tuesday, September 14, 2010


First day of school. Eden's and August's first day of school turned out to be really wet. We walked anyways. How can you not on the first day? Eden finally gets to go all day and she couldn't have been more exited. She got to take a lunch and wear her rain boots! August is now charged with taking his football everywhere!
August's first football game. We won 26 to 0. He is officially the smallest player on the team, but that doesn't stop him. He plays outside linebacker always, and fullback (only when we are up more than 26 points). Football is so much fun to watch! It has completely changed our routine and I'm still reeling from the crazy schedule we are now keeping up! August has NEVER had this much fun, it is awesome.
Sophie's first dance class. Sophie was so exited to finally get to take ballet. She loved every minute even if she wasn't' always paying attention. It is the cutest studio with a dress code and everything.
We were lucky enough to get the girls classes back to back, and as an added bonus they both get to do ballet and tap. It makes life really easy when you can walk to dance! It has been a busy fall, but by far the best one yet. It is so great to watch the kids grow up and take on new challenges. Parenthood just gets more and more rewarding.


  1. Sophie and Eden are beautiful and August is tough! What a cute fun family. I miss you!

  2. Look at all those cute, happy faces! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks. Auggie looks so old in his football uni! I love it! "Firsts" are the best!

  3. I love seeing August in a football uniform - it's just the Jacobs way. I'm sure he is awesome, and the girls are so cute at dance! Such a great family.