Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Touch the Frakkin' Touch the Artifacts

The Yankees were in town, which meant the Godzilla Bros. were not far behind. We got to spend a little with them in Seattle seeing the sites. They are every bit as cool as they look.
The game was great. We got 5 balls during BP and one during the game. The M's won in extra's. The over all highlight was the the four fans ran onto the field during late innings. One of which was completely nude! After a short chase the boys got to watch him walked off the field wearing hand cuffs...only hand cuffs.
Apparently, the EMP (Experience Music Project) knew the Godzilla Bros. were in town. They had these signs all of the museum.
They tried their hand at Grunge in the EMP "Sound Lab".
I am not going to lie to got loud.
The boys wore the girls right out...And yes Cole was one of the girls.

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