Monday, June 6, 2011


Libby and the coolest girls in the world at Pike's during Spring Break.
(Note - Spring was unable to attend).

Sophie & Eden didn't even notice the absence of Spring. They have embraced looking like vampires and manage to find the bright spot in the sky above.

August ran his 1st official race. I know from this picture it looks a short race. What with the Start so close to the Finish, but it was 1,000 meters...ok 1K, but 1000 meters sounds longer.

Aug spent the days prior to the race training by watching Steve Prefontaine clips on Youtube. The similarities in their running styles are evident by looking in their eyes. August & I begged Libby the night before the race to make him a Prefontaine costume to run in. She declined. From the gun, August ran his guts out. He was the rabbit and made all others chase with all they had. In the end he took 4th, but he made those that beat him bleed to do it.
(Note - In what is considered Pre's greatest race, Munich '72, he took 4th...look it up.)

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